Every brand is unique, which is why we create a highly customized, 360 approach for each client. That means tailoring partnerships, pitches, messaging and strategies to align with overall business goals at every step. Our boutique style paired with decades of large-scale agency experience means personal, focused attention backed by powerful tools to create lasting brand awareness.



  • 360-degree PR Strategy

  • Brand Messaging + Positioning

  • Brand Partnerships

  • Celebrity Seeding

  • Crisis Management + Corporate Communication

  • Experiential Events + Activations

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Investment Support

  • Regional Media Programming + Activations

  • Strategic Media Counsel

  • Thought Leadership



Want to learn more about how we can help take your brand to the next level? Contact us today to find out more about our services, fees and success stories.

Covet PR works with CPG brands that are pushing boundaries, setting new standards and innovating the wellness industry. Led by passionate, mission-driven trendsetters, these food, beverage, beauty and lifestyle brands are shaking the status quo. They inspire us to tell their stories, share their vision and enrich the lives of consumers with their better-for-you products.




Covet PR is a national public relations firm devoted to healthy consumer food, beverage, beauty and lifestyle brands. Deeply rooted in all things wellness, we stay ahead of the trends to catapult industry innovators to become household names. Combining expertise, media relationships and hustle across our offices coast to coast, we design creative and custom strategies for traditional and new media platforms; compelling influencer campaigns; and unique experiential activations that bring disruptive CPG brands to life. We only partner with category leaders who beyond selling something good, are doing good, too—brands who make this world a happier and healthier place.

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  • Covet PR has taken our media and influencer awareness and management to levels of maximum epicness. They are professional and timely with all conversations and represent our brand with utmost honor. They work unbelievably hard and truly care about the brands they partner with. Their passion is apparent with all interactions between our teams. We hope to grow with Covet PR for many moons and sit high atop the podium of life together.

    TAYLOR COLLINSCo-Founder and President, Epic Provisions

  • I can't say enough about our experience with Sara and the rest of the Covet PR team. As a brand new company in a very crowded beauty and personal care space, they were able to get Kopari in front of the right people very quickly. In year one we've been featured in Allure, InStyle, Elle, Cosmo, People, Refinery 29 and numerous other media outlets. Their dedication, hustle, and commitment have truly exceeded my expectations...and they're cool people too!

    BRYCE GOLDMANCo-Founder and CEO, Kopari Beauty

  • There are PR firms out there, and then there’s Covet PR. This team operates on a whole other level — they’re wildly creative, insanely hardworking, and always thinking outside the box to help elevate your brand. They understand the crazy entrepreneurial mindset and share our passion for explosive growth. Covet PR has secured press coverage that we never could have imagined, and we honestly think of them as an extension of our team. Their depth of knowledge of the natural foods industry is unparalleled, and I can’t imagine a better PR partner for the long haul.

    LIZZI ACKERMANCo-Founder and CMO, Birch Benders

  • Having worked at several start-ups, every dollar counts. So when you hire a PR agency…you measure success by results (not just effort). Covet PR gets this and doesn’t require huge event budgets to create news, they hustle and leverage their connections, creativity, and resources to find the angles that breakthrough. They are true members of our marketing team providing insight, access and a passion for our brand that goes beyond the typical agency-client relationship. Covet PR just gets it. They’re the best I’ve ever worked with.


  • The Covet PR team has an unmatched entrepreneurial spirit and drive to execute. They're detail-oriented, transparent, and extremely hard-working. Covet PR understands how to build a brand from the ground up - especially as a startup in a crowded space. Their talented team and genuine passion for their brands makes them best in class. We're so grateful to have Covet PR on our team!

    CATHRYN WOODRUFFDirector of Communications, Banza

  • Covet PR is a true extension of our brand/company.  The ownership the team exhibits is genuine, their excitement is palpable, and their execution is flawless.  Actionable pitches and follow through have driven fantastic results in both short lead and long lead media, and their ability to truly listen to what we need as a brand has made the investment one that our entire management team can get behind.  Great team of sharp, personable, and knowledgeable folks - who get the job done.


  • The Covet PR team is a group of incredibly passionate, switched-on and forward-thinking people. They are truly an extension of our team, always willing to jump in no matter the task, with a smile and a way to take things to the next level. It's truly clear their brand partnerships are as meticulously crafted and maintained as their industry + publication relationships. It's amazing to have such a solid foundation of commitment and experience to rely on in this ever-changing world of media.


  • "How do we feel about Covet PR? THEY-F%$&ING-ROCK! Working with Covet PR and our dedicated team has completely changed our perception of PR. We've worked with a handful of PR agencies in the past, but the Covet PR experience isn't even in the same ballpark. It's far beyond. Our Covet Team has woven themselves into our brand and become a noteworthy part of our exceptional growth. Since engaging with Covet PR in July 2018, our earned media revenue has more than tripled. We've been featured in the nation's top publications like Yahoo!, Well + Good, Allure, Refinery29, Forbes, LA Times, Health, Best Products, InStyle, Glam, Medium, PopSugar, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed & The Washington Post. In 2018, our brand, Sunday Scaries, even earned the top three positions from Google Keyword Rankings for "Breakout Search Keywords" in our category. But beyond the press, Covet PR has been integral in developing our growth strategies. Our recent Covet-led product launch campaign included NYC desk-sides with top editors, a skydiving publicity stunt with editors and highly-publicized panel in the Hamptons. So yes, we're truly grateful and humbled. If you're reading this testimonial and still need convincing, just ask Sara Brooks for either of our cell phone numbers, and we'll gladly hop on a call."

    BEAU SCHMITT & MIKE SILLFounders of Sunday Scaries.

  • "As a start-up brand trying to revolutionize a marginalized industry, it can be challenging spreading your mission in a way that makes others see you eye-to-eye and want to hop onboard themselves. Covet was able to turn our pipe dream into a cult phenomenon. We couldn't thank them enough for their hard work and constant dedication and would full-heartedly recommend them to other companies who want to see tangible results."

    ALIX PEABODYFounder & Ceo Bev








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Covet PR is a national public relations firm devoted to food, beverage, beauty and lifestyle brands in the consumer space. We work with companies that are pushing boundaries, setting new standards and innovating the wellness industry. Combining expertise and hustle across our offices’ coast to coast, we design creative and custom strategies for traditional and new media platforms; compelling influencer campaigns; and unique experiential activations that bring disruptive CPG brands to life.


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Let's build something better. 

Let's build something better. 



In the wake of COVID-19, STUDIO SEVEN CONSULTING remains dedicated to designing effective tools, systems, and strategies for brands who aim to break boundaries, change industry standards, and keep moving the world forward.


Our business model was founded on the principle of collaboration and community over competition. With deep roots in the food, beverage, entertainment, and consumer spaces specifically; Studio Seven Consulting is an award-winning collective of like-minded professionals with a passion for creativity and results. 


As we begin building more sustainable and collaborative models for virtually all industries in the wake of the devastating economic impacts of COVID-19; the tools, strategies, and services we offer have truly never been as valuable and relevant as they are today. Having founded Studio Seven in 2007, we have a long history of helping our clients successfully navigate similarly strange market conditions over the past thirteen years — the economic crisis of 2008, the death of ‘celebrity Pop culture’ in 2009, and the rise of social media & ‘Influencers’ — a strange new digital space we helped pioneer. We have always taken great pride in delivering compelling, cohesive, and highly creative content, campaigns, and experiences for our select roster of distinctive better-for-you brands, products, and services. Finding creative ways to forge and maintain meaningful connections between brands, consumers, and the communities that keep them connected has always been a top priority for us, but in today's world, it has become something truly essential for a brands ongoing success. 


While this has been a strange and turbulent time for all, I can say with great confidence I also believe it's a time of great opportunity - especially for those who are willing to do and to dare.  Through creativity and innovation, we can begin to build the most iconic brands brands of tomorrow, today. 


Now, Let’s get to work.


We build meaningful moments

We help to catapult industry innovators into household names, and assist already iconic brands stand out from the competition and remain category leaders by creating effective marketing tools, systems, and strategies that are designed to inform, inspire, and uplift their customers and communities. 

By taking a proactive, results-driven approach and working quickly and creatively to meet and maintain the demands of a rapidly evolving market, we help these brands keep connected to editors, influencers, and their audiences in direct, meaningful, and authentic ways.

Step  #1  

Community Driven Content 

 Step  #2  

Data-Driven Campaigns

 Step  #3  

Innovative Brand Experiences

We build better


We have always catered to brands who aim to inspire, entertain, and enrich the lives of their customers through innovative, better-for-you products and services.  


As the world reopens and we begin to adjust to our ‘new normal’ - it’s up to us as marketers to help shape exactly what that looks like and how to best navigate it. We believe successful brand-building in today's market requires a unique understanding of how a product or service can thrive in both analog and digital environments. This is best done through innovative & impactful customer experiences designed to keep brands, consumers, and the communities they share intimately connected. Using both traditional and new-age strategies; we have a proven track record of launching, re-inventing, and sustaining content, campaigns and experiences that break boundaries, change industry standards, and help move the world forward. 

The tools

of our


Click any                      below to learn more about what we can help you build.    



Innovative Digital + Virtual Brand Experiences

They say life is really just a collection of emotional experiences. Afterall, emotion is what connects us to the people, places, and things that we love the most - and emotion can really only come from one place: experience.




Film +


Fom concept and coordination to final cut and delivery - we have the tools to create stunning video content that cuts to the core and gets to the point. 

Every brand has a story - let us help you tell yours.




Social + Digital


In today’s media landscape, the content shared online paired with being able to effectively reach and engage with core audiences (and the celebrities, influencers, and experts  they love) can truly make or break a brand. Relevant, relatable, and visually stunning social content is imperative to digital success.  






Branding is what connects a company to its community, and should speak to: why you started, where you plan to go, and who you hope to take with you on the journey.  Who and what are the people, places, and things that keep you connected to your customers and the communities that connect you to them?




Creative, Graphics +


Today’s consumers don’t just buy into a brand, they join it. This is why the most effective assets, graphics, POS, creative, and ad campaigns are often the simplest ones: 

They are easy to understand, and impossible to ignore.






We have a team of over 5 dozen veteran food, beverage, consumer, and lifestyle PR pros from around the country in our network. They know how to showcase what’s hot, minimize what's not, and most importantly - how to craft and deliver a story worth telling in order to grab headlines, and gain market share, even in the times of Corona, by putting communities first. 




360 Retail


Retail marketing has always been one of our specialities, and is more important than ever in the age of ‘essential’ vs ‘non-essential’ businesses. An effective retail marketing program should drive increased product trial; gain valuable consumer insights by city, region, and neighborhood - and help bolster your brand’s social + digital footprint - simultaneously.






Our unique business model was founded on the principle of collaboration and community over competition. By forming alliances, partnerships, and bringing thought leaders across multiple industries and mediums: we are building an army of opportunity with the shared goal of a better tomorrow.

We connect the dots

We help good brands effectively share their stories, by asking our communities to share theirs.

Our unique business model was founded on the principle of collaboration and community over competition. Each brand and project is unique, so we take special care to first lay the cornerstones and follow a simple blueprint to identify KPI’s, goals, and timelines for each. We then ensure the account teams assigned have the backgrounds, contacts, personality and experience needed to navigate each project with ease. It is this extra attention to detail and highly personalized approach that has helped us to achieve the improbable for our clients and collaborators time and time again.



We will work with each brand’s respective teams to conceptualize and create  appropriate content and campaigns that satisfy ongoing marketing and promotional needs,  while also effectively and compassionately addressing the impacts COVID-19 has had on everyone.



By shifting the paradigm of how brands connect with, market to, and promote their products and services - we believe we will be able to find better-aligned and elevated ways to tell our brand stories by asking our communities to tell theirs - which will inform much of the content we create. 



In addition to acknowledging and addressing the many obstacles COVID-19 has put in all of our paths (and providing informative, inspiring, and uplifting  content about how we will overcome those obstacles),  we aim to create actionable plans that brands can use to positively affect the communities they are a part of.



Identify who we are trying to reach with your products or services. What do we know about these people? What do we not know? Why would they choose your product over a competitor’s?  By identifying and coordinating appropriate partnerships, projects, and promotions, our goal is to create the tools you need to effectively get your message across to who needs to hear it.



In addition to turning to our communities to help inform, curate, and create much of the content itself, we will have clear CTA’s around customers nominating people, places, and things that should be  highlighted, celebrated, and given a helping hand to. To us, this helps to keep the world moving forward to a better tomorrow.



Once we have uncovered the answers to what is the true driving force behind what you are trying to build (and a conceivable timeline to get you there), our team will begin the strategy and planning process to ensure we have a clear parallel path to success that is tangible and results focused.

Clients +



Let's build something better. 

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