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Public Relations Vs Marketing | Here's What You Need To Know

When it comes to the public relations vs marketing analogy, there’s a dilemma associated with both of them overlapping each other. While it’s true that some functions of public relations pretty much operate within the confines of online digital marketing, both of them have a hairline difference. 

This post aims to highlight the key differences between public relations vs marketing, and emphasis on their importance concerning different verticals in the business industry. Needless to say, both public relations, and marketing are interrelated to each other – so much so that in many cases, one cannot function properly without another. 

Let’s see what it’s all about.

Table of Contents

  1. What Is Public Relations?

  2. What is Marketing?

  3. Public Relations Vs Marketing: These Key Differences Might Baffle You!

  4. When Should a Company Use Public Relations Strategies or Marketing for That Matter?

  5. Summing It All Up...

What Is Public Relations?


We have defined public relations several times in our recent blog posts. Not that the definition isn’t relevant, but the broad spectrum scope of a typical public relations definition always changes according to the niche industry – and the overall PR strategy. 

That being said, from a general point of view, public relations is a communication process between two platforms – i.e. a company and its stakeholders. 

Speaking of stakeholders, it could be a simple public relations process to maintain communication with internal stakeholders; they’re employees and on-contract staff to keep them all on the same page. Likewise, external stakeholders are people who are either business customers, equity holders, or people from the local communities around the said business. 

Either way, when a proper public relations strategy is set in place, it helps to not only strengthen the bond but also builds credibility among both aforementioned bodies. 

What is Marketing?


The most basic definition of marketing is that it’s a set of different processes to create brand value, deliver a strong impactful message, and exchange offerings that create business opportunities for a company. 

Doesn’t that sound like public relations?

Yes, but there are a few technicalities that outline the difference between public relations vs marketing on multiple levels. Let’s take a look at some of these key highlights.


Expert Advice: If you are struggling to figure out the KPIs for your next big public relations vs marketing campaign, it's better to consult a Professional Company for robust results.


Public Relations Vs Marketing: These Key Differences Might Baffle You!


1. Goal Wise Difference Between Public Relations Vs Marketing

When we talk about goals, deliverables, and performance-driven metrics, both PR and marketing adopt a T-Fork junction. For instance:

  • If you were to sell a product, create anticipation about the upcoming launch, and manage a positive reputation through different communication strategies with stakeholders, that’d classify as a goal for public relations. 

  • On the other hand, a marketing team’s goal is to let the customers do the carryout work towards a sales-driven approach. Ever heard about the ‘word of mouth’ marketing expression? That’s what one aspect of marketing is.

Moving on, revenue also plays a key role in defining how much investment is made into public relations vs marketing. PR normally isn’t that much expensive, but full-scale marketing requires a lot of focus and expenses. 

Now, you might argue that professional public relations campaigns and media coverage require a lot of fortune to be spent. It is true, but what about earned media reputation through public relations? 

In earned media, you do not have to spend a lot of money, or any money because journalists often cite you as a valuable resource and that gets you all the attention from the media. This process is unlike the ‘Paid media’ public relations campaign, which is an entirely different case.

2. Daily Chore/ Tactic Level Difference Between Public Relations Vs Marketing

Moving on, let’s see what the term: “daily chores” in the life of a PR expert and marketing agency entails. 

First, we talk about public relations tactics on daily basis. The experts’ focus in this vertical is on:

  • Securing opportunities concerning public speaking sessions between a company and its stakeholders

  • Manage outgoing messages

  • Create and manage press release

  • Get in touch with journalists through different platforms for media coverage

  • Manage crisis through crisis communication PR, in times of need

  • Project an overall positive business reputation and also do reputation management on the side to handle any negative reviews etc. 

While most of these activities can be performed by a bunch of public relations agents, many businesses seek to hire professional PR firms to handle everything on the get-go. 

  • Moving on, here’s what the “daily tactics” list has in store for a marketing department:

  • Run advertisement campaigns on different online platforms 

  • Look to seize online ad placement opportunities on different websites 

  • Create KPIs to reflect the digital marketing team’s effort, monthly objectives, metrics, number of customers converted – so on and so forth

  • Do extensive industry-level research to increase brand outreach and improve sales

That’s not all though. Here’s what the game looks like at the metrics level.

3. Metrics Level Difference Between Public Relations Vs Marketing

Okay, so the metrics portray an entirely different, or sometimes slightly similar picture about what public relations and marketing are looking to derive from a strategy. 

Public Relations Metrics


Different awards that have been won during industry events

  • Engagement, and the number of positive press work done or generated over the last few years. This metric depends on the timeline, but the idea is to keep tabs on trade publications, broadcasts, and different media outlets.

  • What was the overall level of sentiment that you received through PR campaign coverage?

  • Engagement-related metrics related to social media campaigns, online collabs with influencers, bloggers, etc. 

Marketing Metrics

Now that we talk about marketing metrics, it goes like this…

  • Did the social media buzz, viral campaign, or any other sales campaign result in increasing the sales figure?

  • What was the overall budget spent on ads and the cumulative ROI?

  • Did the sales goals exceed expectations? 

  • Was the company able to meet the breakeven point for a given marketing campaign?

4. Audiences Level Difference Between Public Relations Vs Marketing

Generally speaking, there is a difference between the audiences that PR and marketing teams develop communications around. 

  • The audience that Public Relations teams try to reach is virtually limitless. These teams may focus on personalized- or campaign-based outreach to consumers, stakeholders, the media, and even employees

Depending on the current needs of the company, a PR professional could be crafting individualized communications for investors at the same time they are crafting a press release blast. 

  • The audience that marketing teams try to reach is usually broader in the sense that this group is either addressing either customers or prospects — assuming that the PR team is handling all internal communications 

However, the Marketing team may engage in activities like ABM, digital advertising, or email marketing that revolve around segmenting and targeting specific groups of either prospective customers or existing ones. 


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When Should a Company Use Public Relations Strategies or Marketing for That Matter?


Despite some very clear differences, public relations and marketing cannot operate in silos. To be successful in today’s fragmented world of media, the two departments must collaborate with one another.

Let’s look at an example of how the PR and marketing teams’ efforts have influence one another.

  • If the product or service you are advertising has limited brand awareness, then you will have a more challenging time building a successful brand reputation, or relationship, with consumers. This will most likely result in a decline in sales. 

Both the PR and marketing departments could work together to increase brand awareness by securing press for the product or service and then creating social media advertisements around that press. 

Increasingly social media marketing and influencer marketing are two activities that are being managed by both PR and marketing departments. Social media and influencers can be used to convey brand-building messaging as well as carry out targeted advertising campaigns.

Summing It All Up...

From a long-term perspective, public relations vs marketing requires meticulous planning and careful execution. 

On top of everything, you need an expert to monitor results for gauging success. The previous notion that you could rely on a “dash of magic” and run any type of PR vs marketing campaign with minimal effort, doesn’t work anymore. 

Our best advice is to consult a digital marketing agency. Yes, many people dread the idea of such collabs due to past experiences, but you can book a free demo with us to see how things roll out for you. Needless to say, when it comes to public relations or marketing, we don’t just drop the needle, we move it!

Good luck. 



JS2 PR is an integrated communications and consulting firm providing a full range of strategic public relations and social media services

specializing in the Food and Beverage and Hospitality industries.

 Each and every one of our campaigns is individually designed to build awareness and produce maximum publicity results according to our clients’ needs.

We care enough to strive for perfection and believe this attitude emanates from everything we undertake.



We promise nothing less than this 100-percent effort for you.




JS2 PR has a full arsenal of public relations and marketing services available to our clients including:


Expert Media Relations


Creative Counsel


Crisis Communications


Brand Strategy and Development


Industry Partnerships


Celebrity Relations


Launch Campaigns


Executive Visibility



Channel Launch + Establishment


Tailored Campaigns


Consistent Messaging


Influencer Relations



Restaurant and/or Brand Concept









We believe we have the best crew in the business.  Passionate, smart, connected, hard-working and dedicated only begin to describe Team JS2 PR!  Check out our individual profiles and get to know a bit more about us.


Hello from JS2!


Jeff Smith

Co-Founder, CEO


Christina Gilmour

Vice President


Suzanna Tran

Digital Account Director


Sean Funkhouser

Account Supervisor


Casey Moore

Account Supervisor


Kevin Preval

Digital Account Manager


Kelsey Koster

Senior Account Executive


Pao Escalante

Account Executive


Alex Azouz

Account Executive


Sema’Jay Hall

Digital Account Coordinator


Ed Barraza

Assistant Account Executive


Bari Cohn

PR & Social Media Intern




As your agency, this is what you should know about us:

    • We believe that what we do for our clients is vitally important to their success

    • We’re experts and continually work to hone our expertise

    • We don’t skimp on details/we don’t cut corners

    • We work with the best and they expect the best

    • We have a 19 year record of success (founded in 2001)

    • We do it the right way – every time

    • We’re smart, we get it and we care

    • We will go the extra mile for you

    • You can count on us

  • We love what we do

As a Client of JS2 PR, you have the right:

  • To benefit from our collective experience

  • To have access to the power of our creativity and innovation

  • To receive candid counsel…always

  • To clear, prompt and timely communications

  • To be assigned a loyal account team well versed in your business

  • To expect that we will work hard on your behalf

  • To have access to our clientele in the spirit of synergy

  • To our professionalism as we become brand ambassadors for your business

  • To complete transparency in all that we do on your behalf

  • To have a pleasant and rewarding experience





Founded in 2001, the Los Angeles office serves as headquarters for JS2 PR where the team services numerous clients. The loft-like workplace is located in a beautifully restored 1930’s art deco building in the heart of LA’s hottest design, restaurant and business district, Beverly Grove.  The light-filled, open floor plan inspires collaboration and creativity.


If you would like to learn more about any of our services, please contact us.


303 N. Sweetzer Avenue, Suite 201
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Email: info@js2pr.com
Phone: 323/866-0880






Food & Beverage Public Relations Firms

Top ranked PR Firms specializing in food & beverage public relations



PR has moved mostly to the agency side where extensive special practice areas have built up over the past 20 years. Only O'Dwyer's ranks PR firms by 19 specialties. The firms below have broken out their net fees for accounts classified as food and beverage PR.

Top PR Firms - See 2021 Rankings (Worldwide fees)


PR Firms by Specialty

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PR Firms by City/Region

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Past Rankings

2020 | 2019 | 2018 | 2017 | 2016



Sort By: Firm | 2020 Net Fees

#FirmCity, StateFT Emp.

'20 Net Fees



EdelmanNew York, NY5,143$107,883,000



HunterNew York, NY161$17,300,000



PadillaMinneapolis, MN165$15,980,003



Zeno GroupNew York, NY513$12,181,516



APCO WorldwideWashington, DC799$10,692,400



MWWPRNew York, NY160$8,375,400



Havas FormulaNew York, NY118$8,254,657



TaylorNew York, NY86$6,800,000



Real ChemistrySan Francisco, CA1,350$6,300,000



Coyne PRParsippany, NJ139$6,000,000



5W Public RelationsNew York, NY169$5,000,000



Citizen RelationsLos Angeles, CA152$4,988,553



Jackson SpaldingAtlanta, GA103$4,598,362



French | West | VaughanRaleigh, NC122$3,648,775



Champion Management GroupDallas, TX20$3,534,990



360PR+Boston, MA49$3,402,308



Finn PartnersNew York, NY745$3,380,000



LambertGrand Rapids, MI74$1,688,000



TunheimMinneapolis, MN22$1,257,349



SPM CommunicationsDallas, TX16$1,230,040



Berk CommunicationsNew York, NY24$1,083,743



Fish ConsultingFort Lauderdale, FL23$1,070,000



PeppercommNew York, NY27$758,060



KivvitChicago, IL123$706,118



Stuntman PRNew York, NY4$608,708



LaunchSquadSan Francisco, CA103$510,000



O'Malley Hansen CommunicationsChicago, IL10$448,429



IW Group, Inc.West Hollywood, CA10$425,229



Trevelino/KellerAtlanta, GA30$400,000



Buchanan Public RelationsBryn Mawr, PA7$346,994



MP&F Strategic CommunicationsNashville, TN66$331,714



rbb CommunicationsMiami, FL78$307,692



Rasky Partners, Inc.Boston, MA22$293,209



imre, LLCBaltimore, MD185$259,300



L.C. Williams & AssociatesChicago, IL18$202,220



Hodges Partnership, TheRichmond, VA16$168,000



TruePoint CommunicationsDallas, TX28$139,983



BizCom AssociatesPlano, TX9$124,445



Hemsworth CommunicationsFt. Lauderdale, FL16$114,867



Racepoint GlobalBoston, MA57$108,360



BoardroomPRFt. Lauderdale, FL17$100,000



Brownstein GroupPhiladelphia, PA15$98,962



Ehrhardt Group, TheNew Orleans, LA17$78,302



InkhouseWaltham, MA111$69,243



WordWrite Communications LLCPittsburgh, PA8$60,000



Lawlor Media GroupNew York, NY7$53,250



Rosica CommunicationsFair Lawn, NJ5$25,000



FrazierHeibyColumbus, OH14$6,000



J Public RelationsNew York, NY53$2,500

The firms ranked above have satisfied the O'Dwyer ranking rules – supporting fee and employee totals with income tax and W-3 forms and providing a current account list. O'Dwyer's rankings should be regarded as an expression of our judgment of a firm's standing within the industry, and are not warranted to comply with any specific objective standards.

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Each month, a different area of PR is examined. Issues include practice-area specific feature stories as well as profiles of PR firms with strengths in the focus area of the month. The agency profiles constitute the ideal starting point for companies beginning their search for PR counsel. Areas examined include technology, healthcare, financial, travel and fashion to name a few. Consult our editorial calendar for more information.


May '21 PR Firm Rankings Magazine (PDF)

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“I have a talent for making connections and communicating persuasively and succinctly. I keep my client list small to ensure personal contact and targeted campaigns. I love working with both new and established brands.”


Deborah Kwan, president and CEO of DKPR, Inc., has years of experience in public relations and brand building working with clients in the food, beverage and publishing industries.  Current and past clients include Aidells Sausage Company, Bruce Cost Ginger Ale, ChefShop.com, Gastronomica: The Journal of Food & Culture (University of California Press), Gelateria Naia, Guittard Chocolate Company, Hodo Foods, Laura Chenel, the Perfect Purée of Napa Valley, Recchiuti Confections, Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker, and Valrhona. She has secured media coverage for her clients in outlets like Bon Appétit, Food & Wine, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, New York, O, The Oprah Magazine, Real Simple, San Francisco Chronicle, Saveur, Vogue, Wall Street Journal, and Wine Spectator.


Prior to becoming an independent consultant, she helmed the San Francisco office of a NYC-based boutique agency where she oversaw the consumer lifestyle practice and new business development. Her food writing appeared in the San Jose Mercury News’ food column “Cooking on the Rim.”  Deborah also worked as a pastry cook in San Francisco and New York City after earning a blue ribbon diploma from Peter Kump’s New York Cooking School (now known as The Institute of Culinary Education).

Before making the transition to food, Deborah worked for several years as a literary publicist in New York City for Random House, Viking Press, HarperCollins, and Times Books where she designed and managed the national publicity campaigns for best-selling authors including Terry McMillan, Armistead Maupin, Ken Kesey, Tobias Wolff, and David Leavitt.

Deborah graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a bachelor’s in English literature. She’s a San Francisco native, where she lives with her husband, Chef Erik Cosselmon, and their two children. She is an avid baker and doesn’t consider a meal complete without dessert.

We Are Bolt – PR & Digital Marketing

Founded in 2007, Bolt PR is a national, award-winning agency with offices in Dallas, Orange County, Pittsburgh and Raleigh. Our firm provides PR and digital marketing services to clients across the country. Built on the foundation of partnerships, Bolt PR drives exposure, credibility and awareness to organizations of all sizes and industries to fill their sales funnel and grow their brand. Learn more about our public relations and digital marketing expertise. 

Our business is growing yours.

Founded in 2007, Bolt PR is an award-winning, national public relations and digital marketing agency providing businesses of all sizes with revenue-generating exposure, credibility and attention in the marketplace. After all, if no one knows your business exists, does it?

Our team is unwavering in our commitment to your success. Leading the pack is our leadership team which brings decades of big agency experience to produce not just results, but the kind of results that energize your business and exceed expectations. We do so by tapping into every possible channel to connect your organization to your target audience.

Bolt Bulldogs are passionate about public relations and digital marketing. We are driven to succeed, backed by strategy and empowered by quantifiable results. We love making things — and we mean BIG things — happen for our clients every single day. All of our Bolt Bulldogs bring a unique element to the table, but, our entire crew has several things in common: we are dedicated, savvy, creative and strategic — and total bulldogs, so we’ve been told. These strengths combined create a fearless and unstoppable group of PR and digital marketing pros.

Learn more about our services here, with digital marketing and PR firm offices in Raleigh, Dallas, Orange County and Pittsburgh.Food and beverage PR involves a ton of moving parts, from event planning and execution to media outreach and social media management. The food and beverage industry is as varied as the people in it, ranging from simple quick eats to elaborate gourmet meals.

what is food and beverage pr?

Food and beverage PR involves a ton of moving parts, from event planning and execution to media outreach and social media management. The food and beverage industry is as varied as the people in it, ranging from simple quick eats to elaborate gourmet meals. An intimate bar is going to have much different needs than a sprawling winery, and an experienced food and beverage PR professional will be versatile enough to work within that range.

Any PR firm worth their salt has a number of established media contacts, and those that specialize in culinary industries are no different. While the businesses themselves may vary — from restaurants to wineries to celebrity chefs to food festivals — the common thread is in knowing which outlets are the best fit for a particular client and using them to that client’s best advantage. In the right hands, your events could be featured throughout the state, or your wines could be showcased in a national magazine. The goal is always to make your brand appealing, trustworthy, and desirable.

One of the most common tactics for public relations firms is pitching stories and press releases to media outlets so you can get wide and varied coverage. In addition, help with event planning and promotion is a major draw, taking some of the pressure off you and allowing someone else to manage public knowledge and perception. Social media and business networking complete the puzzle, finding you outlets to reach both current customers and potential new ones. A friendly, humanized brand voice can go a long way toward building trust and helping people spread the word about your business.

All in all, a PR agency specializing in food and beverage services can help you make the right connections, communicate well, and advance your brand to levels you hadn’t thought possible. It’s one slice of the success pie, you might say, and an extra tasty one at that. It involves parties, after all.

  • Rembrandt Flores of Entertainment Fusion Group: Seeing Light at the End of the Tunnel; Three Reasons To Be Hopeful During This Corona Crisis

  • Dr. William Seeds

  • Follow

  • Aug 9, 2020 · 14 min read

  • …sometimes hope is all we have, so we have to try and be positive on a daily basis. It is hard, no doubt, and yes, it is much easier to be down and sad, but ultimately that is no way to live. As humans, I think we should ALWAYS remain hopeful. While it’s sometimes unfathomable to think about, this is, after all, a GLOBAL Pandemic

  • Ihad the pleasure of interviewing Rembrandt Flores of Entertainment Fusion Group.

  • Widely known as the Event innovator and for his celebrity studded and buzz worthy events and most recently as a brand whisperer getting unparalleled attention for direct-to-consumer brands; Rembrandt Flores has been part of a diverse portfolio of companies over the last 15 years. Rembrandt is a disruptor, super-connector and conversation starter who’s garnered media attention for brands such as Diageo, LG mobile, Casper, Neon Carnival, Away, Macy’s, ASICS, VEVO, Oakley, Sonos, and Electronic Arts to name as few.

  • As the Co-Founder & Executive Director of Entertainment Fusion Group, he showcases brands to create global awareness within the ever changing world of influencers and digital media to maximize press awareness. He was also co-founder of Ad.ly, the most influential and successful celebrity in-stream ad network of its time, and part of the founding team of Tinder. As a 1st generation Filipino-American, Los Angeles City Council proclaimed October as Filipino-American History Month, and he was among 5 people being honored by the city at the ceremony; recognized for his excellence in the entertainment industry.

  • During COVID’s shutdown of the entertainment industry, he decided to launch a short format talk show, 1 Minute with Rembrandt to connect with his friends in a way that has not been done before. Referred to, by his peers, as the “TIK-TALK” show, exclusively on TikTok, new episodes launch every Friday on @1MWR at 12pmPT; guests have included Kaitlynn Carter, Ally Maki, Paris Berelc, Logan Browning and Ian Bohen, where they touch upon experiences during this pandemic and share intimate life news.

  • Thank you so much for doing this with us! Our readers would love to “get to know you” a bit better. Can you share with us the backstory about what brought you to the world of PR?

  • Well, I was working on a show at E! Entertainment TV at the time and I had to go on a talent shoot in Vegas for a TV show, and I ended up talking to the talent and their publicist throughout the entire trip. They decided, right then and there, that I should switch gears from TV producer to PR executive, lol! And a few months later I found myself doing just that, I started my own agency with that same publicist, and as neither of us had started or owned a business before, we literally went to Borders (bookstore), sat down, came up with a name, logo, font, a basic business plan and we were off to the races. Needless to say, that Vegas trip changed my life forever. Ultimately, she made me realize that I was born to be in PR and marketing and I think she was right as I never intended to be, but both her and PR found me- so here I am. During this pandemic, I have been extremely lucky and continue to thrive, so I guess my PR journey is not ending quite yet.

  • Is there a particular book that made a significant impact on you? Can you share a story or explain why it resonated with you so much?

  • I have to admit, and something that I would never advise a client to say but, I don’t get the opportunity to read a lot of books. But I do an unimaginable amount of reading and research every day. It’s not uncommon for me to spend 3–4 hours a day reading, which includes reading ALL sides of the news from CNN to FOX so I can keep a perspective and have a true picture and understanding of the whole world, not just what I want to hear or agree with.

  • I also do a daily dive into Huffington Post, Heavy, Upworthy and NPR. At a minimum, I scroll through a variety of publications, again, for perspective and so I can stay ahead of the news cycle, these range from TechCrunch, The Economist and Mashable to Variety, THR, The Wrap, JustJared, People, Byrdie, WWD, etc. the list goes on. It’s my job to know how the news is shaping the world and how it may pertain to the industries of our clients. I also listen to a couple of podcasts religiously, such as How I Built This with Guy Raz, The Tim Ferriss Show, The School of Greatness, Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman and Pivot hosted by Kara Swisher & Scott Galloway. I think what resonates with me most is that you have to really be willing to hear everything from all sides to be able to build empathy and compassion and get to the root of why people do what they do and say what they say — It’s the only way to have a comprehensive understanding of the world.

  • Ok, thank you for all that. Now let’s move to the main focus of our interview. Many people have become anxious from the dramatic jolts of the news cycle. The fear of the unknown related to the coronavirus pandemic and the protests and race relations have heightened a sense of uncertainty, anxiety, and loneliness. Can you share your “3 Reasons to Be Hopeful During this Unprecedented Time”?

  • I think there are a lot of reasons to be hopeful, here are a few:

  • YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF: What is the alternative, especially during this uneasy time? My theory is that sometimes hope is all we have, so we have to try and be positive on a daily basis. It is hard, no doubt, and yes, it is much easier to be down and sad, but ultimately that is no way to live. As humans, I think we should ALWAYS remain hopeful. While it’s sometimes unfathomable to think about, this is, after all, a GLOBAL Pandemic. It is not just affecting me, or you, or one segment of society or country, we are all affected in our own ways. I’m hopeful that we can show some solidarity to each other, for our friends, for our family, our pets, our dependents, even for the people we don’t know, and to lift each other up. While some may joke about it sounding cliché, the pandemic is a harsh reminder that we only have one life to live. I think we need to find a way to live it to the fullest (CARPE DIEM!) and keep reminding each other that this won’t be forever.

  • THE RESET: We get the opportunity to hit the reset button and take that mulligan. I feel like this has leveled the playing field in some ways. We can look at everything with fresh, and “new” eyes, in TIME and space to process and then execute socially, politically, creatively and economically. The best example I can give here is the civil rights movement that is happening now in 2020. The unnecessary and untimely deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Rayshard Brooks at the hands of the police coupled with people having the time and space without distractions from work and the things that keep us “busy” so that we, the whole world, could finally give our HYPER FOCUSED attention to these injustices. Once and hopefully for all, the whole world is finally talking about race! Deep diving into our history and our past (and current) mistakes to try and atone & begin to dismantle the behaviors and institutions that keep systemic racism alive. We are now, looking at these issues head on, and hopefully fixing them from a local to a national and a personal to corporate level.

  • I’ve always hoped there would be a reckoning when it comes to race, but to be honest, while we have so much further to go, I have to admit, I wasn’t sure that we would make the kind of changes I see happening as a society so swiftly and with such great momentum as we are right now. Think about it, the government has forced Americans to shelter-in-place for over 4 months and then see these atrocities; What did we think was going to happen? Unhappy people who have more reason to be EVEN MORE upset and feel disenfranchised in this country and finally say enough is ENOUGH. Black Lives Matters. People are finally being held accountable and there are finally consequences to bad behavior. People are also feeling empowered to have a voice and be less afraid to speak up when they see injustices and I am hopeful (because I see it happening behind the scenes) that this will start to apply to ALL industries. I have even reflected on my own personal experiences and I am taking full responsibility that I need to change, learn and grow as well. I think we should all consider this a blessing that we are all able to make these changes in our lives.

  • THE ENVIRONMENT: Somehow the health and safety of our planet and our well-being have become politicized and people rail against just doing what’s right. We were in a place where it was easy to lose hope that we would course correct the devastating human impact we had made on the planet, but, because of the quarantine, we have had significant and lasting improvements on air and water quality. The reduction in traffic has led to less pollution in sea, air and land. In Venice, Italy the canals were clear, in India they saw blue skies and the lowest pollution levels and even our own city of Los Angeles once famous for its SMOG has had some of the best air quality in decades. I will say, as restrictions lift, I can see us falling into bad habits again, so I bring this up in the category of hope, so that we can continue to be aware and make adjustments and let mother nature keep healing herself.

  • From your experience or research, what are five ways we can effectively offer support to those around us who are feeling anxious?

  • Though one because there are so many, but some of the more important once and the once that has helped me in my own life are:

  • -Be Positive; I believe there is enough negativity surrounding us, in our everyday lives, that are simply out of our control; One thing I have learned as a seasoned PR and Marketing executive is that the media loves negativity and many people thrive on it. There is an expression, “schadenfreude” — defined as “pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune”, but I think it is important not to fall into that and to make an active choice to spread positivity and to help reinforce positive message, not just for ourselves but also for the world around us.

  • -Be Supportive; it’s important to be supportive and understanding, and that each and every one experiences anxiety for different reasons. What makes you anxious may not bother me at all, and vice versa. It’s important to be supportive no matter what the reasons or the circumstances are.

  • -Be Understanding; Again, as I mentioned above, it’s important to be supportive and in that same sense, be understanding. We don’t all experience the world the same way and therefore it’s important to understand that each of us experience and deal with anxiety in our own way.

  • -Be Helpful; A little help can go a long way and quickly put a smile on somebody’s face. Small gestures of kindness or just taking mundane tasks off another person’s plate can change someone’s day. it’s amazing what a little good deed can do to someone else’s life, but also amazing what a little good deep done for someone, can do to one’s own mental health.

  • -Be Nice; I say this over and over, and I don’t think it can be repeated enough. “Being Nice” takes very little effort on one’s part, (being rude requires much more work) and it’s amazing what that can do to someone else’s day. A simple “Please”, or “Thank You” or “I’m Sorry” goes a long way — and a simple smile even further. I’ve seen this again and again; positivity is infectious. Simply being nice with a smile on your face can help others feel more at ease and less anxious. Now, its easy for me to say these, but it doesn’t mean that these 5 things always come naturally. Even I sometimes have to catch myself.

  • What are the best resources you would suggest to a person who is feeling anxious?

  • To be honest, I was not good at helping myself until this year but let me tell you SELF CARE is and should always be a priority in one’s life. If you aren’t well, you can’t help others. My team needs ME healthy. My clients need ME to be healthy, so I choose to pay much closer attention to my physical and mental health, and I am not sure why we don’t talk about it more openly. I am very fortunate I have such great mentors, role models, friends and family who are constantly reminding me to take care of myself. Here are the Five Steps I have found to be helpful with my anxiety so that it can help with anyone else feeling this way:

  • -I learned that CBD works wonders when dealing with the stress. I really love the brand Altwell and to find CBD in the form of a protein powder was a game changer that has definitely reduced the anxiety when I need it the most.

  • -Before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning before I get stared with my day, I try and meditate for 5–10 minutes. It may not seem like enough time, but that quick “me” time, gives me the grounding I need to feel worthy and less overwhelmed. Life is hard and now even more so with what we are dealing with in the world at the moment, its important to take a few minutes for yourself.

  • -One of my friends taught me a surprising trick, which was to up my skincare game. Who knew that doing a regimen would help reduce anxiety? EVERYONE should do this, and full disclosure, I am involved in this new skincare line called American Vanity but I’m telling you, I truly underestimated how amazing I would feel once I just spent a little time and got a few good products (like moisturizer and serum); It has been a gamechanger.

  • -There is not a day that goes by that I don’t do some form of exercise and break a sweat to reduce my anxiety and stress. I prefer to take an hour bike ride, or I do an online LIVE workout from HEALTH HOUSE at HOME… BUT I will admit, I do miss my gym.

  • -My friend, Chris Pan, who founded MyIntent, just started MYINTENTLIVE with free seminars and classes and I have been taking full advantage. These classes range from breathwork to positivity courses to meditation. Hundreds have been attending virtually and I hope more and more people use it as a resource. It’s free! There are roughly 40 Million people out of work (and rising) at the moment and we need to take care of these people because if we don’t, we are about to have a different type of pandemic on our hands come this fall/winter…

  • Can you please give us your favorite “Life Lesson Quote”? Do you have a story about how that was relevant in your life?

  • Here is one of my favorite quotes: “Everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay, then it’s not the end” by John Lennon. I remind myself of this daily. If something bad happens, I think… Okay that is not how I want this to end. It is up to me to figure out how to create that happy ending for myself. This pandemic has been a perfect example of this. Most people saw the past 4 months as the worst 4 months of their entire lives. To be honest, I felt that way for the first 3 weeks. I couldn’t sleep, I was eating the worst food, I was feeling sorry for myself and couldn’t believe that I lost a portion of my business overnight (events) and it felt like everyone was just freaking out. Then I remembered the quote and said to myself, this isn’t the end. It can’t be. I won’t let it be. So, I changed my perspective and then I just focused on what I could do with what I had in my arsenal. I couldn’t do events for my clients; no problem, let’s do an influencer campaign instead. We can’t do traditional in person press meetings; no problem, let’s do a virtual summit where we can introduce products to the media. Here is the best part, after I changed my perspective, these past 4 months weren’t that bad at all. I have to admit, I’ve learned to be more resilient and innovative now, and have a renewed excitement like when I first started the agency! It’s actually breathed new life into me. I realized quickly that I didn’t have the option of stopping and becoming a victim, I needed to make sure I kept the company healthy, not just for me but my employees and my clients. By the grace of God, we are in a great place. Everything at EFG has gotten into a groove and we have been managing this working from home/ Zoom communications pretty well. Dare I say maybe as productive as when we were all under one roof.

  • You are a person of great influence. If you could start a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger. :-)

  • I have actually been thinking about this lately. I’d love to start “The Good Movement”. Where the media highlights more of the GOOD and important things that people are doing. My Partner always says to me: “Where is the modern day Bob Hope of WWII?”; we look to the news and its overwhelmingly bad, no one has said, enough is enough, our society is too focused on the doom and gloom and I don’t want to point fingers but again, I do know the media has to take some blame here. We need to find the good stories in the bad and stop the spin. We need inspirations and hope, someone to tell us it’s going to be okay. There is light at the end of the tunnel. During the height of the protests I saw so much reporting on “looting” and the negativity of the demonstrations, the sensation, but not nearly enough news focus on the actual movement itself, the WHY it’s happening! It’s a civil rights revolution and the media just does not do a good enough job highlighting the important stories to help the world understand WHY it’s happening and WHAT we can do to support and change things as a society.

  • What is the best way for our readers to follow you online?

  • The best place is my Instagram @REMBRANDT and my newly launched talk show on TikTok appropriately named 1 Minute with Rembrandt. You can follow my “TOK” show @1MWR and watch me interview my favorite celebrities, CEOs, artists, leaders to find out more of what makes them “TIK”. I introduced a new segment on the show called Minute to Win it where I play these silly games with them so if you want to see me and some of the most interesting people in the world get a little ridiculous, come check it out. We all need some levity right now, even for just one minute.

  • Thank you for these fantastic insights. We wish you only continued success in all of your endeavors!

  • Thank you for interviewing me. It’s a crazy time and I am grateful to be able to share a little bit of my perspective in hopes that it might help remind some people that they’re not alone. We are truly all in this together.

  • Social Media

  • Developing an effective social media program takes an understanding of each platform, what they bring to your marketing communications program, and how people use them. That requires experts who stay ahead of the trends, know when new algorithms are launched (and what they mean), and understand how to implement new services and technologies. This is where the 3E PR team stands apart.

  • Brand Positioning – Posts are only effective if they convey the brand essence consistently so your target audience understands who you are and what you stand for; we make sure that happens.

  • Community Building – Social media is constantly evolving, making building and sustaining the proper community a 24/7/365 job. 3E PR’s social team is committed to our client’s pages, as well as staying on top of algorithm updates and other changes to platforms to ensure we reach your target audience, grow your reach, and increase interactions.

  • Community Management – Social media has the advantage of having a dialogue with target audiences. Listening and responding to followers and commentators is essential to having success on social media; that’s what our team does…all day, every day.

  • Influencer Marketing – Posts and content on third-party pages of people trusted by your target audiences are invaluable. That’s where our ability to develop influencer marketing programs become essential in reaching those audiences most effectively. We determine if micro- or macro-influencers are best for your goals and budget and develop programs with optimal ROI to support your brand. Our influencer e-guide explains the importance of this type of marketing and how to make it work for you.

  • Social Listening – Speaking of third-party pages, we leverage listening tools to learn what people are saying about brands – both yours and competitors – as well as relevant trending topics. That lets us form truly valuable partnerships and relevant content that will resonate with your audiences.

  • Social Media Advertising – We can expedite your results on social media with advertising strategies that drive traffic and conversion. Our deep understanding of your brand, target audience and social media means you get the best ROI.

  • Campaigns, Contests and Promotions – We create engagement with followers and target audiences by developing, managing, and implementing innovative campaigns, contests, and promotions that raise awareness and build relationships.

  • Monitoring and Measurement – We constantly evaluate the best-performing posts, the platforms producing the best results and other analytics, to determine what – if any – adjustments need to be made to optimize your social media program.


  • Content is a key piece to solving the SEO puzzle, attracting and nurturing clients, and establishing thought leadership value in your industry. Content marketing involves creating, publishing and distributing content and 3E Public Relations has the tools and experience to create the content that will help your brand rise on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS), and move your prospects through the sales funnel.

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  • Content is King. That phrase has been tossed around in search engine optimization (SEO) conversations since the first discussion was had. It rings truer today, with the competition for Page One organic search rankings fiercer than ever. That’s why brands need a strategic partner like 3E PR to develop short- and long-term initiatives to score rankings on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) that matter most to brands.

  • We have a 5-step content marketing development process that integrates data and creativity for content, including blogs, e-guides, white papers, application notes, video scripts, FAQs, landing pages and web pages. The steps include:

  • Keyword Research – Our team conducts extensive research to determine the most relevant keywords and phrases, the competitive score of each of those terms, and those that are most valuable. We then create a Brand Lexicon that will convey your brand essence and achieve high organic search results.

  • Content Audit – Content may be king, but knowledge is power. That’s why we conduct an audit of your website and other online properties. Competitive online footprints are also evaluated to determine the entire virtual landscape, all of which gives us valuable insight to develop the best content possible.

  • Content Calendar – Consistency and frequency are pillars to every successful content program. We build a content calendar that intelligently schedules posting of blogs, publishing of e-guides, and updating of web pages. This creates a synergy that supports traffic-driving initiatives, improves visitor dwell times, aids lead-generation initiatives, and helps improve SEO.

  • Evaluation and Adjustment – Reviewing and analyzing which content is producing the best results and adjusting the calendar accordingly means our clients reap considerable benefits. A fluid writing approach maintains messages in a format that is most appealing to your target audiences.

  • Persistence and Patience – Implementing a content program is like running a marathon, not a sprint. Scoring high on SERPs and maintaining dialogue with prospects who may be at different stages in their decision-making means your content program needs a long-term commitment. That investment in time and patience will pay dividends in the long run that will result in more qualified traffic and leads that can convert to sales.

  • Interested in learning more? See our blog post on How to Effectively Use Content to Improve SEO.


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  • 3E Public Relations is affiliated with, and right down the hall from, SGW Integrated Marketing Communications, one of New Jersey’s most recognized creative, branding and full-service video production agencies. This relationship provides us with a unique perspective on public relations and social media, and allows us to develop a communications mix that will optimize messaging and generate the best results for our clients.


  • Our work philosophy is simple – let’s have some fun with what we do. That approach allows us to work together to achieve the ultimate goal – client success and satisfaction.



The 3E PR food team has more than 30 years of experience developing PR
programs that help CPG brands entertain, educate and engage consumers.

The 3E PR food team has more than 30 years of experience helping consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands entertain, educate and engage their target audiences. From global companies with market-leading food brands to start-ups looking to grow awareness and distribution, 3E PR has the expertise to amplify your brand that will increase awareness and trial, ultimately impacting consumer purchasing patterns.

Our menu of services for food brands includes:

Media Relations – We have educated target audiences by securing product launch spotlights, behind-the-scenes brand profiles, cooking demos, and spokesperson endorsements on local and national television, radio, and print. We also have long-standing relationships with the key supermarket and food trade media.

Social Media – Our CPG clients engage consumers via social media campaigns that leverage best practices on all major platforms. From contests, promotions, and “Likes” campaigns to strategic social alliances that include product sampling, we use social media to effectively interact with consumers.

Partnerships – Securing opportunities with chefs and complementary food-oriented brands, as well as supermarket and retail chains is a specialty of 3E PR. We also implement Influencer and blogger programs to spread the word for our clients.

Contact us to learn how we can help put together a program filled with public relations and social media ingredients that will help you achieve success for your CPG brands. It’s a recipe for success!

Download a presentation given by Senior Vice President Amy Stern on how to develop a successful food partnership.






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  • Rembrandt Flores of EFG Feature Story


  • Today an interview with Rembrandt Flores. 

  • Start from the beginning, how did your career happen? 

  • What types of things does EFG PR provide as an agency- has it always or was there an evolution? 

  • What are your stand out, most recognized or just WOW moments in EFG’s history? 

  • How is the company shifting during COVID, what types of campaigns are working for you? 

  • Tell us how we or future clients can find you.

  • Top Public Relations News:

  • Today an interview with Rembrandt Flores. 

  • Start from the beginning, how did your career happen? 

  • My career was a pure accident! I was working in production on an international TV show for E! and was put on a shoot that sent me on a trip with the show’s guest celebrity host and their publicist.  That publicist and I discussed our jobs and goals and by the end of the trip, she convinced me to get into PR.  Needless to say, I ended up leaving E! and we started our own PR agency called Fusion Publicity.  We mainly did talent PR and I honestly fell out of love with it; I found myself more attracted to brands and events, so we changed the direction of the company and renamed it EFG: Entertainment Fusion Group, or EFG PR which we are still known as today.


  • What types of things does EFG PR provide as an agency- has it always or was there an evolution? 

  • We grew rapidly in the 2000’s and back then were a full service 360 agency with 3 offices and 100+ employees, repping large brands such as Guess, Oakley, Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Capcom, as well as many spirit brands including Tanqueray, Johnny Walker, Zaya Rum and DeLeon Tequila.  Since the acquisition of our New York operations 3 years ago, we are now a much smaller, more nimble agency primarily handling brands in the consumer and lifestyle spaces.  We work mainly in 3 areas; Media Relations, Influencer & Celebrity outreach and Events (pre-pandemic). The Media Relations department handles overall press which includes online/digital, print, broadcast and podcasts. Though the outlets continue to evolve, the overall process is the same. The Influencer & Celebrity Outreach department has changed much over the years, and continues to grow as probably one of our strongest assets; as it’s based on very personal relationships personally developed by me. It’s an area of the business that is very hard to penetrate, but we have been able to build an unprecedented trust with managers, agents, assistants and glam teams of these talents or directly with these celebrities and influencers themselves. The Events department is pretty self-explanatory and since we are not doing “events” right now, that division is a bit on the back burner.

  • What are your stand out, most recognized or just WOW moments in EFG’s history? 

  • We have been fortunate enough to work on some very well-known people and brands since our beginnings; some that stand out and were quite memorable for our agency:

    Oakley’s “Learn to Ride Series” in collaboration with Audi
    PR for Prince’s exclusive Oscar parties
    LG Mobile’s Malibu Beach House and Cabo San Lucas experiences
    Event Launches for video games franchises such as Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance, NBA Live, Madden NFL
    PR and Launch for Tinder (we had previously co-founded adl.ly with Sean Rad)
    PR for Neon Carnival at both Coachella and Stagecoach.
    Buzz Press and/or Influencer/Celebrity Outreach for the hottest DTC brands including Away, Casper, Altwell, Sonos, Moon, American Vanity.


  • How is the company shifting during COVID, what types of campaigns are working for you? 

  • With Events not happening until 2021 and the uncertain times ahead, we are focusing on more genuine campaigns that speak and engage more directly to the individual consumers, leveraging both influencers and celebrities networks to do so. The campaigns that are working best (IMO), are the ones that understand the sensitivities needed due to COVID and the Black Lives Matter movement. It is cliché to keep saying we are living in unprecedented times, but truth be told, we are here and there is no blueprint of how we move forward from where we currently are.  We’re ALL learning as we go, and we are working with the media, the brands, their marketing & advertising teams in ways we never could have ever foreseen to come up with winning strategies. Clients that are flexible and willing to give us their full trust are the ones who are winning.  We have managed to advise our clients, not only how to navigate this and be successful at it, but also how to stay relevant and have a distinct voice through this crucial time.

  • Tell us how we or future clients can find you.

  • You can find me on Instagram @rembrandt or you can follow my new talk show on TikTok appropriately named 1 Minute with Rembrandt @1MWR. 

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  • Leverage our deep consumer and lifestyle expertise to develop a strategic, integrated plan to scale your business

  • Work with you to develop unique and creative brand storytelling that will engage and inspire your audience at every stage of the purchase journey

  • Utilize relevant channels to effectively reach your target audiences where they are - whether reading the news, on social media or at events

  • Place your brand in a diverse cross-section of highly-relevant and valuable media outlets and do so at a higher rate and volume than any other firm around


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We develop organic and paid multi-channel campaigns to elevate your brand.

The term “digital marketing” has grown to mean a variety of techniques. We’re seasoned marketing experts with tested and proven blueprints for engaging and activating your audience across a wealth of digital platforms.

Whether you're looking for content marketing from an award-winning production studio, SEO-trained copywriting to 10X your impressions, an international influencer network, a news-leading market research division, or content strategists who work across every platform and medium out there, we're the one digital marketing agency you need.

Our approach.

Data-powered tactics for creative digital campaigning

Digital marketing is analytical but what most agencies miss is the very core of marketing, and that is being creative with your messaging, strategies, and tactics. We are more than an ordinary digital marketing agency with a strong focus on delivering solid campaigns backed by insights.

We work closely with your team in formulating the best approach to every channel and continuously optimize not just the technical side of things, but also the content and delivery of the same. We pride ourselves on being precise, meticulous, and innovative in all our digital marketing efforts.

How we work.

Proactive and reactive digital marketing

Our data team is built to analyze various aspects of your digital marketing campaigns including secondary trends that are having large impacts. So we are always ready to pivot and scale towards strategies that are working better. We keep tabs on even the slightest movements in trends and changes to make sure that you are always on the forefront of the conversation regardless of the platforms you choose to work on.

Raising brand awareness for Bowflex within Europe 

We worked with Bowflex on their European outreach campaign, raising awareness for their brands and products while educating the market on the benefits of working out at home.

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$7.6MPR Value

Our sectors.

We combine strategic brand thinking with deep analytics and performance marketing tactics in many competitive sectors.

Our formula.

  1. Meet your consumers where they live.

    We are channel agnostics and know how to deliver the best message in the best medium.

  2. Make data talk across every platform.

    We work in every digital space — integrating social with search and organic with paid.

  3. Crack the code on content that delivers.

    We use rigorous analytical measurement to develop repeatable models that work at scale.

  4. Always be ready to pivot

    We are always looking for better opportunities and shift gears in real-time.


Our work spans 40+ disciplines organized into 6 functional groups.

  • Advertising

  • Insights

  • Communications

  • Creative

  • Digital

  • Growth

Our values and beliefs.

We love metrics

Our data team loves to measure everything and that is why we are able to always present a clear picture of your campaigns.

We are integrated

We work across 40+ different marketing disciplines, so no matter what your digital marketing campaigns require, we have the resources and the team to meet and exceed your expectations.

We are global

We work across continents and a dozen time-zones to make sure that your business is working round the clock.

We are content creators

We believe in content and we employ award-winning content creators, copywriters, and designers to give you an edge on digital marketing campaigns.


The percentage of consumers who prefer a brand that doesn’t “sell to them.”

Turn your brand into a category of one.

Our clients

About us.

We help brands do more than stand out in their category, we help them define it

Every brand has the ability to stand out, but it takes exceptional creativity to be an industry-defining brand. We help brands develop the look, feel, message, and impact that allows them to make deeper emotional connections with their customers.

We do this through an extensive use of data where every asset that resonates on an emotional level is backed by unimpeachable data. This allows us to blur the lines between product, marketing, content, and experiences to define what it means to be a category of one.

Our approach.

Beyond creative content

Creative marketing is often misunderstood to be being creative with the content, branding, and assets. We believe that creativity is something built-in to the identity of a brand. This is why, at TOP Creative Marketing Agency, we work with you closely to create campaigns that will stand out in the market.

We combine tactics across marketing domains and formulate plans that outshine the competition. Our strategy experts are seasoned in bringing out-of-the-box ideas to life using unconventional methods that speak the brand name itself.

How we work.

Analytical approach to creativity

At TOP Creative Marketing Agency, we make informed decisions, and when it comes to creativity, we analyze every bit of information there is to know about your brand, your target audience, your product, and your story. We research past campaigns and what the market is currently doing to make sure that your campaigns build on the best practices of the industry and advance them at every chance.

Our formula.

  1. Define new white space

    Our unique combination of audience insights and creative blueprints help you change the playing field and discover new rich territory.

  2. Transcend traditional media in innovative formats

    We push the envelope to help you become a first-mover on emerging social platforms — helping you realize oversized returns before competitors enter the fray.

  3. Scale up your message with stackable content

    Create once and deploy many. We deeply understand the nuances of each channel or platform to customize existing content for a custom fit.

  4. Mixing up marketing tactics

    We created integrated campaigns across numerous channels, platforms, and domains to come at from every angle and maximize your impressions.


Our work spans 40+ disciplines organized into 6 functional groups.

  • Advertising

  • Insights

  • Communications

  • Creative

  • Digital

  • Growth

Our values and beliefs.

We are innovative

We go beyond ordinary creatives and work on truly next-gen campaigns that are designed to run across domains.

We love content

We work on ideas as if they are locked and done already, we like to visualize things before making a decision on choosing what should go where.

We are growth marketers

We love growth marketing and that’s why we work from day one to make sure that anything and everything we do is ready to scale at all times.

We work globally

We house writers, designers, marketing experts, and strategists, working across 6 continents in every market that you can imagine to work on.


The percentage of people who trust brands more if they create content just for them.

Our clients

About us.

We help B2B companies target niche customers and stay top-of-mind.

Succeeding in business-to-business marketing is all about reaching the right audience with the right message at the right time, whether that audience is Fortune 500 c-suite executives or entrepreneurial new business owners.

We leverage a multitude of in-house capabilities including content marketing, website SEO, and digital advertising, all backed by our national news-leading data division, to engage and activate your audience to buy.

Our approach

Diving deep into data

At the beginning of every B2B marketing campaign, we plan and strategize our steps with the help of actionable insights. Our data research team gathers information about the target audience down to the individual level and maps out hundreds of approaches towards these prospects.

We don’t just design personalized content but also evaluate metrics, behaviors and key information that can help regulate the timing, frequency, and the point of contact with your prospects, to make sure that your messaging makes the impact needed to guide them to the end of the sales funnel.

How we work.

B2B that isn’t boring

We have perfected the art of B2B marketing by testing new ways to approaching prospects over the years. A truly personalized approach goes a long way in securing leads for any business. We work with your team in determining every detail on your current B2B prospects and the ones you hope to secure and design specific campaigns and strategies to walk them through the sales funnel.

We lay out step-by-step plans for every party, category, sector, and industry to make sure that every attempt feels like a conversation rather than systematic targeting. Our veteran team of content creators work closely with our growth experts to deliver results beyond expectations.

Showing traditional HR tools are ripe for disruption

We created brand strategy and messaging to show that the annual review is dead and gone.

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$500KPR Value

Our sectors.

We increase the viral velocity of your brand messaging and content in many important B2B sectors.

Our formula.

  1. Reach customers at the key moments

    We connect with customers at crucial points in their decision journey to spur action.

  2. Don't settle for well-worn industry norms

    We realize that best practices can become stale habits if not innovated upon regularly.

  3. Expand into new markets

    We can make marketing communication more effective across geographies and industries.

  4. Focus on conversations

    We take a human-centric approach to spark conversations above impressions.


Our work spans 40+ disciplines organized into 6 functional groups.

  • Advertising

  • Insights

  • Communications

  • Creative

  • Digital

  • Growth

Our values and beliefs.

We go broad.

We use tactics to nurture the market and prospects with ads to inform them about everything before reaching out directly.

We love data.

We don’t just use data to evaluate our strategies but also provide clear metrics for reporting progress and ideas for pivoting and scaling.

We are human-centric.

We craft content that speaks to prospects as actual human beings; conversing about their problems first rather than bombarding with solutions.

We work globally.

We house experts working across 6 continents in every market that you can imagine to work on.


The increase in sales opportunities resulting from targeted content.

Food and Beverage PR Agency

We are a Food and Beverage PR Agency that will harness industry trends through exceptional custom content to fuel your own growth.

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About us.

A full plate of data-driven PR capabilities.

TOP's Food and Beverage PR Agency our proven methodologies and data-driven strategies, we’ve represented clients in the food and beverage space from fast-casual to fine dining, burgers, and fries to vegan cuisine. No matter your consumer, we know how to reach them. 

With a dedicated team of public relations professionals, strategists, and data analysts who are specialized in all things food, we can create and syndicate the perfect message to reach your audience. And did we mention the international influencer network we leverage regularly to grow brands?

Our approach.

Standing-out from the crowd through PR

Making news in the food and beverage sector is not only challenging, but also a task that often fails to differentiate itself from others. We know that to score the desired results, a unique perspective needs to be presented and that is where we invest ourselves. We take your unique story and craft the perfect creative content around it to make you win against the masses.

Our proven blueprints are in-depth and detailed roadmaps on how to proceed with different type of products, audiences, and mediums. Combine that with the bespoke messaging plan tailored to you, and you get PR that beats the competition and puts the limelight on your brand.

How we work.

We leverage on our relationships with influencers and journalists

When you have been in the PR game as long as we have been, you make long-term relationships that produce wonderful results. We are full-service public relations and marketing agency and we actively work with thousands of influencers and journalists that rely on us for stories that matter. Once we have you onboard, we work closely with your team to craft messaging that will make headlines and then we push the content out to handpicked influencers and journalists to multiply the exposure.

Our creative team works hard to maintain a uniform approach towards your story and personalize it according to each audience, making your story look like their story and the story that people will listen to. We create a bond between you and your audience that drives sales and multiplies the impressions you make with your brand.

What makes us different?

We control everything.

We take every factor into account and work on making the best out of everything with extensive research and expert PR management. 

We amplify your story.

We know how your journey has been awesome and we make sure that we shout out everything there is to tell so that you are everywhere you need to be.

We use all mediums.

Our fully integrated marketing team works together to use any and all mediums of communicating with your audience, be it videos, pictures or just good copy.

We understand growth.

We work on proven blueprints that we have tested and perfected over the years, that are designed to scale anytime to any level.

Our Expertise

Our formula.

  1. Increase brand reach

    Through mass media PR, social media content, and virtual launch events, we share compelling stories, images, and videos that combine your brand with cognitive refreshment.

  2. Create a culture of awareness

    Food and beverage marketing is just as much about consumer awareness as consumer loyalty. We'll use a strategic combination of traditional media placement with influencer and viral marketing to increase your brand's voice to new circles. 

  3. Nurture and grow consumer loyalty

    The consumer journey is a long and precarious one. But with the right timing and the right messaging, you can make sure that each lead not only becomes a customer, but a member of a loyal and dedicated base. 


The amount mobile searches for soft drinks has increased in the past two years.

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